Monday, March 25, 2013

No Joy-Lunar Phobia

No Joy have been one of the most under appreciated modern shoegaze bands, along with one being one my favorite current bands. The quality of ethereal noise and catharsis the band created on debut Ghost Blonde & Negaverse EP from last year are still hard to come by these days. Which is why their new song "Lunar Phobia" caught me completely off guard. It sounds nothing like any of their previous material; all distortion has been removed from the guitars which now ring and chime. The percussion is abstract and airy, and contains a distinct dance influence that wasn't there before. Jasamine White-Gluz & Laura Lloyd vocals have been placed way higher in the mix, along with sounding much more angelic to the blurry monotone that existed before. Basically, No Joy decided they wanted to be Cocteau Twins, and they so lucked out that "Lunar Phobia" sounds so good. It's a spacy, dance track that's informed by the band's apparent shoegaze past; think My Bloody Valentine's "Soon" if the guitar had been surgically removed. It's still an absolutely gorgeous track, and it will be very interesting to see what No Joy do and sound like on their upcoming Wait to Pleasure.


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Pre-order Wait to Pleasure here, from Mexican Summer

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