Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Savages-She Will

It has finally happened. Savages will be releasing their debut (and amazingly titled) album Silence Yourself on May 7 here in the States. Even better, the first single from it, "She Will", was released with the news. Which is wonderful because "She Will" is utterly, absolutely, fucking incredible. Possibly even more piercing and intense than the first blow that was "Husbands", "She Will" opens with what sounds like a slowed down version of the opening of Iceage's "In Haze", instantly setting and settling into the tension that lays at every part of the song. Frontwoman Jehnny Beth then begins to utter the song's lyrics in a beat poet like fashion, capturing a modern women in control of herself, love life, and world in the most minimal way possible. Then all tension come barreling out during out during the chorus, Beth's repeated shriek of the title over the crashing cymbals containing such a darkened fury to them, an equally memorizing and soul-crushing energy. By the time it happens again in the song's finale, the intensity has doubled, matching and I think even toppling the release METZ pulled off at the end of "Wet Blanket" last year. But Savages' fury is so much more personal, that it feels like the band is performing "She Will" mere inches from your face. Which makes it just that powerful.


Savages' Website
Pre-order Silence Yourself here, from Matador Records

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