Tuesday, November 8, 2011

COLOURS-Lost at Sea

COLOURS has finally released some new music thanks to the folks at digital label BEKO, though it’s a bit hard to believe it’s the same band. While on their debut EP was a nice mixture of modern and past shoegaze, these songs have lost lots of the noise and squeal of the guitar work, instead replaced with glisten and a slightly sunnier disposition to them. However this is not at all a slam against the band, for the quality of the shoegaze they produce comes out clearer as well. This is most evident on “Lost at Sea” with COLOURS’ vocals never being clearer, shaping around a pulsing synth line that severs the back bone to a perfect, never was Deerhunter demo that the band has reclaimed for themselves. The band's other digital release is even more representative of their new sound with "Sundown" evoking even more beach-esque vibes than "Lost at Sea". Shimmer riffs bounce of wonderfully reverbed drum machine beats, balancing sunny and hints of melancholy precisely in tune with one another. "See, Hear, Touch, Feel", is the band at the most low key yet, a simple sad song with an equally weeping guitar line to acconpany it.


COLOURS' on Bandcamp
Download both singles here, from BEKO DSL

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