Monday, November 28, 2011

Earthquake Party-vs. Pizza Cassingle

There was an instant reflex in me to call Earthquake Party the best Times New Viking rip off ever and leave it at that. Scuzzy sounding instruments, boy/girl vocal trade offs, and songs about drugs and nonsense. But past all that, Earthquake Party are just as drawn to snotty pop punk as indie rock. How else would a less than a minute long mini spaz like "Nails & Hammers" exist next to a slow burner like "Brians"? It's the A-side "Pretty Little Hand" that steals the show though. I have not heard a songs so wonderfully additive in ages. It has just the perfect fuzz sound to buzz in a ear for years to come. Plus are there better lyrics than "All I want is a pretty little hand filled with drugs and candy!"? No there isn't. This is a proper cassingle (1 A-side, 2 B-sides) tailor made for that shitty boombox that you started using to play cassettes.

(mp3) Earthquake Party-Pretty Little Hand


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Buy the vs. Pizza cassingle here, from the band's Bandcamp

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