Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Plastic Flowers-Strange Neighbors

As my favorite time of year, winter, is upon us, that also means large cascades of dark and gloomy music start to fill my computer and inbox. Nothing in recent memory exemplifies this better than the A-side to Plastic Flower's newest single "Strange Neighbors". It's a sneaky little song, starting with a simple beat as Sean Earl Bread's monotone and distant lyrics slowly guide the song, accompanied by guitar lines so reverbed and effected that you can picture them curling into oblivion. By the time the song come to the climax, it almost seems like it hasn't changed at all, but it has. The drum beats come in ever so quicker and harder as Beard just repeats over and over "We won't be friends". A perfectly heartbreaking song for these cold December days.  

(mp3) Plastic Flowers-Strange Neighbors


Plastic Flowers' Website
Buy the Strange Neighbors 7" here, from Weird Records

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