Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pineapple Head-Never Let Go

This was the greatest little gift to receive in my inbox. The email was unassuming, just the band name with a song link. However, despite the simple and minimalist set up, the magnitude of greatness contained within the song was mindblowing.Pineapple Head’s "Never Let Go" is probably the front runner for best guitar song of the year. That is in no way hyperbole. A perfect fusion of Young Governor’s intense-but-not-too-intense new punk and the brattiness that made up Cloud Nothings debut in the beginning of the year, “Never Let Go” is manic, yet not annoying. Simplistic, yet not cliché. While the majority of the song is the same riff and lyrics in both the verses and chorus, not to mention an uber simple drum beat (drum machine?) that pounds into one’s skull, it all mashes together so perfectly it side-steps any sense of being repetitive and morphs into a perfect indie-punk song for ages to come. The band is expecting to release a 7” soon, so expect to buy more than one copy; you will wear out the grooves faster than you think.


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