Thursday, October 27, 2011

Parenthetical Girls-A Note to Self

Parenthetical Girls get better with each Privilege EP they release. This is not just a blogger's opinion, just an indisputable fact. Case in point with “A Note to Self” from Privilege IV: Sympathy for Spastics. Jaunty would never be a word to consider when describing a Parenthetical Girls song, but from the Neutral Milk Hotel style of the intro mandolin chords, “A Note to Self” has a strangely upbeat vibe to it, though coupled with a macabre undertones thanks to the synth whirls as well as the dancy yet pounding drum line that play throughout the song. But that is what makes some of the best Parenthetical Girls songs; their ability to juxtapose elements of their songs to unimaginalbe degrees of greatness.

(mp3) Parenthetical Girls-A Note to Self


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