Thursday, October 20, 2011

Los Campesinos!-Hello Sadness

Don't quite understand why it takes me so long to break down why a Los Campesinos! song is so good. They are quite possibly my favorite band of right now, yet despite that fact I am always stuck on what to write about for the track. Case in point when "Hello Sadness" hit the web a few days ago. It's such a magnificant track that I wanted to just type "FUCKING LISTEN TO IT ALREADY!" and be done. But I can't do that, not to mention with the cynisim that abounds on internet, I doubt few would believe me.

"Hello Sadness" reaches that zenith of greatness from the lyrics. While the same amount of metaphors and inside jokes are as ever present, there is a utter clarity. "Hello Sadness" mimics another song by the band in terms of structure and sound "Straight in 101", a song about getting laid among other things. "Hello Sadness" plays as the near exact opposite. It's over, it's done, the happiness is gone so bring on the sadness. And as this realization hits the guitars build along with it, finally exploding in beauty and discord at the end to match the emotion of the moment. It's heart breaking and stupendous, and the reason Los Campesinos! are the best indie-pop band of today.   


Los Campesinos!'s Website
Pre-order Hello Sadness here, from Arts & Crafts

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