Tuesday, October 11, 2011


(Picture via ...it disappears...)

Back when everyone and their mother (me included) was going crazy over iceage's New Brigade, nearly everyone included a comparison to Pink Flag-era Wire in some fashion. This is brought up because I think this is the track that is the root of all those comparisons, even if it didn't appear on the album. "IIIIIIII" just hit the internet, being a part of a Japanese release of the album. It's actually a cut from the band's debut single, but that's unimportant. It's a manic and knotty tune at the same time, with mini-tension built around and up like any of iceage's great blitzkrieg of a song, releasing into mild melody with the chorus, then starting all of that again in less than a minute. It's an excellent track that fits perfectly within New Brigade's structure, and I'm glad that the rest of the world is able to hear another near-perfect iceage track.


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