Thursday, December 9, 2010

Total Control Go Crazy, Boomgates Just Rock The World

OK, so depending on how you look at it, it is getting harder and harder to keep track of all the very stellar bands that seem to be pouring out of Australia these days. This mostly isn't helped by the fact everyone appears to be playing in each others band at the same time either, but I digress. Well, Total Control can now be added to the list of outstanding Aussie bands. Featuring members of post-punk nutters UV Race and punk-garage maestros Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control is decidedly different direction from either band. Based around a desire to to make more synth heavy project. Their first single was a complete wonder in it's misdirection, coming off as a even more manic Lost Sounds. Everything shoved into four super short songs that like the world's best fuck up. Obviously, the band decided to refine their sound to what they wanted it to be, the result being the new 2 song "Paranoid Video" 7 inch. A listen to the title track gives you the new style shift to something much slower, with a love of Eno and Devo is really pronounced while still containing the same dark edge that made their debut 7" so appealing.

Boomgates are another side of Australian punk/garage scene, this time featuring members of Golden Staph andThe Twerps, along with having the wonderful Brendon of Eddy Current Suppression Ring singing/yelping the tunes. Boomgates' have a solid ECSR quality to their sound without a doubt, no doubt due to Brendon's contributions to the band. However, Boomgates is a band that obviously is more based on friends getting together, jamming, and having fun then the serious quality that inhabits most of ECSR's songs. Boomgates' single is completely exceptional and something to seriously put next to your ever expanding Australian record collection. One listen to "Bright Idea" is all that is needed to understand why this band is so great.


Both 7 inches are being brought to the US thanks to the folks over at Smart Guy Records. Recommend purchase of these wax disc is quickly, because both Total Control records have sold out in the past, and the newest one was just repressed on colored vinyl.


Boomgates on Myspace
Buy both 7" here, from Smart Guy Records


  1. I totally missed that Boomgates single. Thanks for pointing it out, it's great.

  2. Yeah I've noticed that a lot of people who probably would like haven't heard of it. Probably due to them never leaving Australia yet and Total Control getting to tour with UV Race. Still, very excited and hope to see more singles pumped out by them.

  3. No one from Golden Staph plays in Boomgates, they are just on the same label. Both bands are from opposite sides of the country!

  4. Oh, could have sworn on the press info about them that they had one of Golden Staph in the band. My mistake, sorry!

  5. i would have sworn that easter bilby was bringing this stuff to the US