Friday, December 3, 2010

Dr. Ew-The House of Many Mansions

24 hours ago, I had no idea who Dr. Ew was. Had never heard a thing about him (or is it a band?), or the fact that he made music. Right now as I type these words, I still don't know much about Dr. Ew. besides it being the side project of one of the members of the Canadian band The Bicycles, and that Dr. Ew. writes incredibly jittery guitar pop songs. Case in point "The House of Many Mansions", which in less than two minutes time manages to throw in about a million hooks at a machine gun rate, from the choppy, David Byrne style guitar playing, mini guitar solo that kicks in, and the sweet synth line that closes the song. This comes close to what Archers of Loaf might sound like if they had ever tried to write a Guided By Voices song will all collectively using speed at the same time. Mini pop gems are always the the best in the ADHD attention span blogosphere, and "The House of Many Mansions" is no exception.

(mp3) Dr. Ew-The House of Many Mansions (via You Aint No Picasso)


Dr. Ew on Myspace

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