Monday, December 6, 2010

Jeff Mangum Live, Recorded

Like every other human being with ears, a heart, and a soul, I absolutely adore Neutral Milk Hotel and wait for the day Jeff Mangum finally will get his band mates back together and spread large quantities of joy through out the world with live shows. So imagine my pure shock when I log into Pitchfork this morning to discover the news that over the weekend Jeff Mangum had performed a completely surprise show to less then 100 people over the weekend at the little Brooklyn loft The Schoolhouse. With even greater shock, news came to be that the absolutely awesome people at International Tapes had managed to record half of his set and posted it for the world to hear. As much as I would kill to have actually managed to attend the show itself, these mp3s are a clear reflection of how much Jeff Mangum still some how manages to still have all the skill and incredibleness that people have said he always had. Also this whole situation helps to build up the minute, possible fact that Jeff Mangum might be will to do more musical projects in the future. A boy can dream.

(mp3) Jeff Mangum-King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1-3 (via International Tapes)
(mp3) Jeff Mangum-Naomi (via International Tapes)

Grab the rest of the songs here, from International Tapes

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