Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fun Fun Fun Fest '10: Day 2 (Part 2)

The Gories

Truth be told, I think The Gories' set was probably the I was most excited about for the entire Fun Fun Fun Fest. I have a serious soft spot for garage, and who more so then anyone else managed to craft some of the best garage records around then The Gories? It was truth from the moment the band set foot on the stage and the band launched into their anthem "Hey Hey, We're The Gories". For the misinformed it looked as if this band had been doing this for years, never losing a step and playing so in time and so well it was like watching a well oiled machine. Yes, all the band members have been performing in other bands for years, but this was something to be seen. The way Mick Collins and Dan Kroha played off of each other, you wounder why they ever broke up in the first place. They were alive in their performance, more so then any other band. Long live The Gories!

Cap'n Jazz

This year's FFF Fest will probably be looked back on the "reunion one". Sleep, The Gories, The Descendants, all wound up playing on these various stages. However, I can say the one reunion set the most people were excited for was Cap'n Jazz. Never mind the legion of crappy bands and scenes that were produced due to everyone trying to copy their sound and in turn bastardized it. Cap'n Jazz were everything honest and showcased on their album. I know everything has been made of front man Tim Kinsella's performance, but it was something to be seen. Kids half his age don't performance as well as he did. Screaming and conveying every single piece of emotion from "Little League" to stand out "Oh Messy Life", diving into the crowd, playing a heart breaking french horn to add to atmosphere, and packing so much into everything they he did it was incredible. Summed up by the man who screamed he had been waiting 15 years for this show, it was everything reunion set should be.

Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors are infinitely better live then on record. There, I said it. I was never able to get into Bitte Orca last year, no matter how hard I tried or how much of a Talking Heads fan I am. But are seeing them live, I am easily prepared to buy every single one of their album and give them a spin. That's because instantly everything artistic the band tries to convey on record came alive on their show. The disjointed and wild guitar riffs; the quirky singing styles of every band member; the completely left-of-center song arrangements all came together in this show. Not to mention the vocal back flips the sirens that pretended to be female singers were pulling off was slightly mind blowing. Not to mention hearing "Knotty Pine" performed live by the band was nothing but completely sublime.

Bad Religion

Due to the massive crowds that surrounded the orange stage to try to capture a glimpse of MGMT's set, I decided to for go the obvious and see Bad Religion. Things did not get off to a good start as the band wound up taking something close to 30 minutes to do a sound check for a punk band. Thankfully, when all that was done the band stormed on stage and performed a hard, heavy, and furious one hour set. While every band member unfortunately looked their age, they sure as hell didn't show it. Playing at a break neck pace that never did let up, the band blasted through the their repertoire, while concentration on their newish material, did not hesitate to dive deep into their catalog. The crowd was just happy the band was playing at all, screaming, singing a long, and just going insane to the entire set. When "Infected" came barreling out, everyone who was crowd surfing or moshing was singing a long to the song, just like it was 1982.

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