Monday, February 15, 2010

New Video: Golden Triangle-Neon Noose

One of my favorite up and coming garagey lo-fi bands , Golden Triangle, have just released the video for one of their best songs yet, “Neon Noose”. The video was obviously made with a budget of less than a hundred bucks, but it still manges to match the song's dark party and club tones. Check it out:

(mp3) Golden Triangle-Neon Noose

The song is from the band's upcoming debut album Double Jointer which is due out March 2 on Hardly Art. The band has a bunch of previous cassettes, 7", and 12", all of which have sold out and will be probably showing up on Ebay soon. Check them out when they leave Brooklyn to tour later in March.


Golden Triangles on Myspace
Pre-order Double Jointer here, at Hardly Art

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