Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Album Reivew: Trudgers-Always Crashing Heaven

Great news Joy Division fans! Ian Curtis was secretly resurrected, moved to California, and is now fronting Trudgers. Ok, all kidding aside, there is some serious Joy division love from Trudgers frontman Brently Mitzner. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all, just a big key influence on the band. Really, to paint a better picture, this is the type of music that gets played in indie movies when the main character is driving through the city in the dead of night and no one else is around. It is very forbidding with a little industrial tone, and a darker shoegaze style on the guitars. The drumming is encoded great and it’s impossible to tell if it’s an actual person playing or just a machine. The music can come off as dark and gloomy like previously stated, especially on tracks like “Moist Mouths Eject”. However, some the later tracks like “Wait For Me” or the stellar “Nothing Perfect Ever” have a speedier beat and slight hopefulness to them that gives the music, as well as the band, more dimension.

The album is only 7 tracks and recorded live, but thankfully is a good recording. The instruments all sound crisp and while the vocals seem a little low, it could be Mitzner’s natural monotone, and it just adds to the feel of the music. It’s hard to say where they will go from here, but any band that can make a Smashing Pumpkins’ song original again (“We Only Come Out at Night”), is worth keeping an eye on.

(mp3) Trudgers-Wait For Me


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Buy the CD here, at Bridgetown Records

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