Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vivian Girls Live @ Ms. Bea 3/20/09

One of the biggest problems I had last year was not liking much loved debut by the Vivian Girls. Don’t get me wrong, I not one of those music critic sadists who have to hate everything that is hyped or loved unless it has "Grizzly Bear" in the title, quite the opposite in fact. My problem was that I couldn’t understand why I didn’t like the debut as much as everyone else. On paper I should be drooling over this entire album and should have every song in my Itunes top 25. Three girls, making punk rock, making it lo-fi, and being influenced by the Velvet Underground. But something just went wrong. Every time I heard one of their songs it was... just so repetitive in my mind; something just did not click. Thankful seeing them live triggered that click. Despite this being their 15th show, it didn’t show and they went through their set list like the Ramones (with out pausing between songs either). Plus they give one hell of a rendition of Wavves’ So Bored.

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