Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ponytail Live @ Ms. Bea's 3/20/09

Ponytail is officially the most underrated band of last year. Sure, go on and say how Ice Scream Spiritual "broke them" and how they made Pitchfork’s end of the year list, but answer this: How much of Ice Cream did you really hear last year? Did you hear any song besides Celebrate the Body Electric (It Was Given To Us By an Angel) (despite that being a great song)? I think not and that was one of the crimes of last year. While everyone was talking about Lykki Li, Ponytail were entertaining anyone who would listen.
Anyone afraid that Ponytail would be unable to match their live shows to their albums, let your fears be put to rest. Ponytail lives up to every piece of hype about their live shows and more. Molly Siegel is a pixie on stage; a frantic, never stopping, pogoing, unhuman moaning pixie. Jeremy Hyman’s drumming is even better live and the guitar work of Ken Seeno and Dustin Wong is unmatched. It’s the way it all comes together that is the true feat. The entire performance feels like one of those impromptu jazz bands (replacing super experimental rock for jazz) that make up everything on the spot. But you know that everything was carefully crafted and made just for these hyper speed performances and that is so enjoyable about it. Without a doubt the best show I saw at SXSW.
(On a little semi selfish side note; I danced on stage with them during their last song. If anyone has any pictures of this, could you please send them to me, thanks.)

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