Monday, March 23, 2009

The Thermals Live @ the Radio Room 3/20/09

Anyone who says punk is dead has not seen the Thermals. Anyone who says The Thermals are not punk didn’t hear their 2006 album, The Blood, The Body, The Machine, about, what else, a United States controlled by fascist Christians. Since then The Thermals have not lost a single step, and if their live shows at the Radio Room and Mess with Texas are anything to go on, The Thermals’ upcoming tour is going to be one of the year’s best.
Kicking off SXSW (at least for me ), The Thermals charged right into their set. Choosing to ignore most of their previous album, they chose to concentrate on their back catalog and play quit a few songs from their upcoming album, Now We Can See. The energy traded between Hutch and Kelly was great and, oddly enough, Hutch as a tendency to break into a huge sweet.

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