Thursday, June 6, 2013


There is so much humor and sarcasm attached to Superchunk calling their new album I Hate Music I don't know where to start. There is no way a band would create their tenth record is their was a hint of any animosity to the craft. There is no way that a band who runs an music empire as sprawling and magnificent as Merge Records could possibly hate music. There is also no way Superchunk could make something as catchy as "FOH" if they hated music. And let me emphasis, "FOH" (standing for 'Front of the House', which I don't why they didn't just call the song that) is catchy. A nice attack on domesticism and feeling trapped by it, which shouldn't be surprising for a band composed of now fourty-somethings. It follows the same dynamics and style that the band created on Majesty Shredding, meaning their is glossy production and the smallest tamper in the usual Superchunk speed. There's even a complete drop out of the instruments near the end that is destined to become a massive singalong at all future live shows. But at its core "FOH" has so much life and energy to it, from the on fire guitars to the noisy overdrives that kick in near the end, that whatever sense of adulthood has entered Superchunk's music, they are still making spitfire indie rock tunes without fail. If every time a new Superchunk album comes out, the only thing people talk about is how they've still got it, I'll be completely fine with that because Superchunk have still got it.


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Pre-order I Hate Music here, from Merge Records

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