Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pony Bwoy-Dark Soccer

Listening to Pony Bwoy is a strang expeirence because you have to keep double checking that you are not listening to remixes of the songs. The solo work of Marijuana Deathsquads member Jeremy Nutzman Pony Bwoy's songs are the epitome of modern; Bwoy's vocals delivery balance right at the line between R&B singing and rapping (not unlike Chance the Rapper's flow), which melds to murky production perfectly, the audio equivalent of a dingy day-glo LA club if time had been slowed down to a crawl. Then the track...doesn't explode, but blossoms, these almost almost Inception like light filled beats burst into to the song during its chorus as a great contrast to the rest of darker elements of the song, especially Nutzman's vocals, which come close to becoming chopped and screwed for the rest of the song in a way that lets it bleed together with the rest of the track in this beautifully dark way. The production on "Dark Soccer" is absolutely gorgeous, all courtesy of producer Hunter Morley who knows just when to that final effect or knob twist that lets the song flourish.

Also, check out the nearly six-minute track "Ævum (time crawls)" from the album as well to get a picture as to how creative Pony Bwoy can be with their style and influences)


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