Friday, June 14, 2013

Premier: Southern Femisphere-One Alarm

Sleater-Kinney. Why did I not realize it the last time I was listening to Southern Femisphere? Listening to "One Album", it's more crystal clear then ever. And that's awesome because not enough bands are making the post Sleater-Kinney, off-kilter rukous like Southern Femisphere are. "One Alarm" is everything "Transgander (when the community went looking for the lost gayzling in the wood)" was and more. Perfectly disconnected yet constantly interlocking harmonies weave in and out through the whole song. A steady, never faltering rhythm (especially from the spring like bass) keeps the song tight, and undercuts it with just the smallest dash of tension. The always perfectly timed shouts of the lyrics instead of singing them that instantly reaffirm every ounce of intensity contained within the band. And of course the beyond glorious release that kicks in with the choruses, where all these elements collide with each other at once that is both utterly chaotic but beautifully, discordingly memorizing as well. One can imagine "One Alarm" is what "Burn, Don't Freeze" would sound like if it were made now; fractured indie rock at its finest, wonderfully shaped by two decades of post-punk and riot grrl.


Southern Femisphere's Bandcamp
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