Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stay Calm-I Couldn't Sleep

Stay Calm have to be one of my favorite bands right now. I understand how much of a hyperbole that statement sounds like considering Stay Calm only have three songs (and one cover) to their name, but everything they have produced is so damn creative and catchy that I'm sticking with that statement. They've managed to get everything in order so that their music isn't so difficult to find and have released their first digital single into the world. You have already been exposed to the glorious tribal,art, post-punk dance freak out that was "Let Me Clear My Throat", but "I Couldn't Sleep" is a stunner in its own right.

The band completely shifts their sound, not to an unrecognizable degree, but to a "how are they making this as well" way. "I Couldn't Sleep" is a slow burner, with the band's synth work, here much more gooey and warm, very much being the vocal the focal of the song rather than the drums. Claudia Meza coos the vocals rather than applying her usual velocity to them. In some alternative universe, this song might have been written by Lower Dens, if they had become more influenced by dreamy synth bands rather than Kraftwerk. Instead it is another gem in Stay Calm's small catalogue, their most restrained but beautiful one to date.


Stay Calm's Website

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