Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gauntlet Hair-Top Bunk

It may have taken forever, but new Gauntlet Hair music has arrived. "Top Bunk" is the first song coming off of the band's self titled release, which has confirmed the long running rumor that Dead Ocean had signed and will be released October 18. More importantly though is what "Top Bunk" means for the band. Despite this being only the sixth song that the band has ever release it is obvious the band has already matured their sound, honing in on the precise ratio of mild bombast and beats to formulate. The result is "Top Bunk" sounding like Gauntlet Hair's version of a slow jam, with the echoed guitar sound coming off as more haunted than harsh and the percussion blasts simply used to propel the song forward. That's not to take away from "Top Bunk" at all, it's simply new complements to descibe an ever changing band.

(mp3) Gauntlet Hair-Top Bunk (via Gorilla vs Bear)


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Pre-order Gauntlet Hair's self titled here, from Dead Oceans

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