Thursday, July 28, 2011

Comet Gain-An Arcade from the Warm Rain That Falls

Comet Gain's new album unfortunately won't reach American ears (legally anyway) until What's Your Rupture? releases it October 4. However, with that utterly terrible news comes coupled the only thing that could make it bearable, i.e. a brand new Comet Gain song! With bands like Comet Gain, it's not so much expecting something new or drastically different sonically from them, but how accomplished and lustrous the songs manage to be in contrast with the band's discography. "An Arcade from the Warm Rain That Falls" personifies this perfectly with a screech of violin lines give way into another slice of Brit/indie-pop, with an added layer of influence coming from the work David Christian did making the Cinema Red and Blue record last year. It's the type of song that manages to have a summer feel to it, but just enough of a melancholy undertone to move it from being cliché toward something more elegant and pure than just that.

(mp3) Comet Gain-An Arcade from the Warm Rain That Falls


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Get Howl of the Lonely Crowd here,from What's Your Rupture?

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