Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Troubles-Misery

The small, little piece of Big Troubles upcoming new album are coming together. It has been dubbed Romantic Comedy and will be out in September 27 on the ever great Slumberland Records. More so, however is the new sound coming with the new record. As touched on when the live version of "Phantom" started floating around the web, the lo-fi distortion is gone from Big Troubles sound. What is left is a leaner, cleaner band producing still the epically wonderful tunes like "Misery". It sounds kind of like a less intense version of No Age's "Teen Creeps" with a jangling chord intro into cymbal crashing into airy indie-pop filled with mountains of loud and wonderful guitar hooks. A song made to be blasted out of car speakers in some alternate dimension where this is the music played on radio during the summer.

(mp3) Big Troubles-Misery


Big Troubles' Bandcamp
Pre-order Romantic Comedy here, from Slumberland Records

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