Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Echo Lake-Another Day

Echo Lake have released another stunning pop gem into the world, which will probably be just as over looked as their debut EP was as well. "Another Day" is a stunner, with lead singer Linda Jarvis channeling her best Lætitia Sadier over reverbed instrumentation and chiming guitar lines, which thankfully don't lead to any overbearing '80s sounds but something actually from this century. This especially is true in the songs mini finale, where all the guitar lines begin to pile on top of and collide with one another, the reverb and newly introduced distortion fight for prominences, and the final vocal "ahhs" are uttered and left lingering as the song fades. "Another Day" is off their upcoming new single from blog/label No Pain in Pop, which will be out shortly on July 18.


Echo Lake's Website
Pre-order "Another Day" b/w "Breath Deep" here, from No Pain in Pop

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