Friday, July 2, 2010

Single Review: Ancient Crux/Weed Diamond Split

Straight from the UK's Half Machine Records is a nice two band, song song each split 7 inch. What's cool about it is that it's not only showcasing two rising bands, but also bands that showcase West Coast's answer to the current New Jersey scene. Take for instance the Ancient Crux tune. "In Teen Dreams" has a Real Estate feel written all over it. Not just in the airy, but crisp guitar or subtly loud drums, but in the harmonies with the smooth vocals and "sha la la las". Add to it the sweet and cute lyrics and you've got a California Real Estate.

The Weed Diamond track "Nothing to Write Home About" is a different matter altogether. It has a very "solo effort" air to it, in complete contrast with the way "Oklahoma" sounded. Nothing but slow burning singing and guitar smothered in reverb and echo. It sounds like something that could come out of a song box, especially when the tinkering sound comes in near the end. the earlier works of Julian Lynch can be compared here, but that's forcing it a bit because while some similarities can be drawn, there's nothing derivative about the music of these bands, which is what separates them from the flock.

The only problem with this single is the cost, with it being a UK release. However, both bands were kind enough to upload both songs onto the web. These songs are pure introduction, so dive in more into each band's sound once these tunes grab you.

(mp3) Ancient Crux-In Teen Dreams
(mp3) Weed Diamond-Nothing to Write Home About



  1. I just ordered a copy of this along with the new Weed Diamond CD from Bridgetown...I can't wait...but won't listen until it shows up at my door...this post made me more excited for it.

  2. Great to hear that Tom. Bridgetown just released a whole crop of new releases that all look great. I'm going to check them all out ASAP.