Wednesday, July 7, 2010

EP Review: Vehicle Blues-Changer

Changer, Vehicle Blues' excellent follow up to their previous Bridgetown release Punks on Transit, could have just have been titled An Introduction to Post Shoegaze. Spread over these four tracks is blurry, fuzzy, dream pop at it's best, showing an equal love of My Bloody Valentine edge and Galaxie 500 fluff. These are unpure pop songs and shinning examples of what pop music should be today (read: not chillwave).

The EP opens with the magnificent title track, a fusion of '90s Yo La Tengo and "Wall of Sound" style fuzz. It's neat how the fuzz is used as an actual instrument, building with the intro, cutting back at the verses, and returning (but restrained) in the chorus. It clouds perfectly with the lyrics of loss and, ahem, change forming sonic bliss. The textures the band is trying to make come out even more in "Winter Lamborghini". A percussion less track of nothing more than swelling vocals and layered, symphonic guitars, it has a Desolation Wilderness feel to it, both in terms of sound and what it mentally conjures up. "real Loner Shit" is a dark, sinister song with a shimmering guitar that slithers across the song, invoking both creep and comforting vibes. the big finale comes in the form of "Worn Out", were the sparse vocals fade into the single note wave of guitar that makes up the song. It's almost as if the band was sonically trying to recreate it's back cover art, a faded and bleak picture of a beach.

This is a very simple EP, just one guy slowly creating each song until Changer came together. It's sparse, post-shoegaze that actually triggers emotion and not pure boredom, and sometimes it is as effortless as that.

(mp3) Vehicle Blues-Changer


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