Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Singles Review: Brilliant Colors-Never Mine/Walk Into The World

In the indie world, with a million guy fronted garage rock bands and post C-86 girl bands, Brilliant Colors are the band that walk the thin line between the two styles. An all girl three piece that plays sugar coated garage-punk, with a mix of the Raincoats' sound thrown in as well. After releasing two singles in 2008 and their debut LP Introducing last year, the band is back again with 2 more singles both released simultaneously. Never Mine, the one out on Slumberland Records, has their garage side shinning more. The single was produced by garage mastermind Ty Segall and it shows. Both tracks have a bare bones feel to them, the arrangements kept very simple, and singer Jess Scott's monotone yet high pitched voice shinning through. They also happen to be two delicious slices of indie garage in case you were wondering.

The Walk Into the World, out on Make a Mess, were also produced by Ty Segall and probably came from the same exact session. However, that being said, the tracks definitely have a different feel to them. They're more layered than the previous single, and a bit slower as well. It sounds more akin to the slightly gummy and shoegaze sound the band was making on Introducing. The title track in particular is a favorite, with all the mini things contained within it, like the 10 second chores or the tiny guitar solo at the end. They're two more perfect little DIY gems which should sit nicely next to your Vivian Girls and Vaselines LPs. Their last singles sold out in a flash, so don't waste any time to pick these up.


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