Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gun Outfit Announce New Album Possession Sound

Gun Outfit is a stellar bass less trio from Olympia that despite releasing a single and last year's incredible Dim Light on PPM, have gotten minimal press from generally everyone. They usually have a darkness to their post-punk meets SST Records jams, largely in part to the hauntingness of singers Caroline Keith's and Dylan Sharp's voices. They just announced their new album Possession Sound out on PPM on May 5th and released a song and video to go along with the news. New track "My Whole Life" is a bit of a departure, which sounds like the band has been getting their hands on a bunch of Feelies records, but is still great in its own right, especially those crashing cymbals. They also released a their first video as well for the album "Phaeda" and it looks like the band has been listening to a lot more My Bloody Valentine as well. Get excited folks, this looks to be a sleeper hit of the year.

(mp3) Gun Outfit-My Whole Life


Buy Dim Light here, at PPM Records

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  1. great band! support this band! love this band! yes.