Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New EP: Shark?-School Nights

Shark? are back at it again, and have self-released their third EP School Night. If you haven't checked out the awesome throw back/garage rock of Shark?, I don't know what's stopping you. This EP is once again completely free, and 10 tracks worth of stellar lo-fi garage, with an added mix of catchiness and some more melodic parts this time around. The following are the ones that jumped out at me first, but it's just all around great, and something you have no excuse not to give a try.

(mp3) Shark?-Monterry
(mp3) Shark?-Shark?

Download the entire School Night EP right here, from their bandcamp page.


In other Shark? news, the band is planning to release their first offical, professional CD/LP on to the world, but they need your help. The band has set up a Kickstarter account to help people donate this worthy cause. They're halfway there, have only 44 days to go, and only ten dollars will get a free copy of their finsihed album on either CD or LP. Seeing as I want another Shark? album in the world, especially in a physical format, I say help the band make this come true.


Shark? on Myspace
Donate to Shark?'s Full Length Album Project here

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