Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Live Concert Review: Ganglians/The Soft Pack/Wavves Live @ Emo's 10-10-09

The problem with being a music blogger (or in my case, a desperate wannabe) is the lack of second chances with bands. So much is heard by so many different bands that if I hear one song by a new band that I don’t like, no matter the buzz about them, I probably won’t listen to them again. That was the case with Ganglians and I am ecstatic about being proven so wrong. Thinking they were some droney-psych band, they just killed on stage with their uptempo psych tingled California style songs. Of course you and everyone else already knew this, but to my feeble little mind expecting nothing good to come from seeing these guys, it was the best surprise of the night.

Then the Soft Pack came on stage. Now they were better than what I heard online when I saw them at SXSW, and here they where better still. It was very Ramones-y, with no breaks, no talking to the audience, just song after song and the set simply ending. Though the way the front man acted, it could just be the complete hipsterness of the band as well. Not the worst set in the world, but the same problem with their music and set at SXSW happened here as well: the band just isn’t engaging enough to me.

Then Wavves came on stage and all hell broke loss. Love him or loathe him, Nathan Williams can put on a great show. Using nothing but one giant amp, sound problems (actual, not the type the band makes on purpose) did occur, but with a band like Wavves it really didn’t matter. With a mosh pit erupting within 5 seconds of the band opening with “So Bored”, the college rock frat boys started acting spazzy and a few puck rockers failed miserably at crowd surfing. From there it just dissented into mass chaos. Yes you could barley make out when a song ended or began, or even with song was which, but that is not why anyone was there. They came to see a very hyped band preform evil, distorted, super drugged surf pop and that’s what we got in the all too short 45 minute set. Plus my glasses got crushed in the mosh pit. It was a good concert.


The Soft Pack


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