Monday, October 5, 2009

7 Inch Review: Mission of Burma-Innermost

I have been listening to this brand new single by Mission of Burma and I have come to a sad conclusion: Mission of Burma are idiots. That’s the only reason I can think of that they would want to cut these two tracks from their brand new album. They are two of the best and well crafted Burma songs to date and now few people will here them because it’s a single. However, if you can play vinyl, buy this single. It open with Clint Conley “innermost” which contains a rife that sounds like someone playing the national anthem with a distorted, out of tune guitar before diving into a dark disturbing sounding chorus, and then ending with an array of music sounds. A noisy mess, that Burma, as usual, makes sound great. Then on the flipside is Roger Miller’s “.. And Here It Comes”, and let me say Miller has wrote one of his catchiest tunes ever. this is up there with “The Ballad of Johnny Burma” and “Max Ernst”. Who else could make the line “my God can beat up your God” not only catchy, but a fist pumper as well? A top contender for single of the year.

Mission of Burma's Website
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