Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Singles Alert: Best Coast, Andrew Cedermark, and Love Of Diagrams

It would be easy to dismiss Best Coast as another lo-fi band from California. Sure, it’s a one-girl band (Bethany Cosentino of Pocahaunted), obsessed with making the most distorted surf/60's influenced music around. Yes, Gorilla vs. Bear (as does almost every blog on the web) loves her, she releases on cassettes, and there is a lot of weed involved. So go a head and ignore here, but you’ll be missing out on a band that does all of those things so right. I don’t think there are any words to describe how great the bedroom-pop of “Sun Was High (So Was I)” is. As every has told you, her cassette on Blackest Rainbow is sold out. What hasn’t been told is two singles are on the way. Her s/t 7" on Art Fag is due by the end of August (which will have “Sun Was High (So Was I)” as well as “So Gone and “That’s the Way Boys Are” on it) and as well as the first release ever for the label Group Tightener and that is due out by the end of summer. Start getting out your dark shades.

(mp3) Best Coast-Sun Was High (So Was I) (via Gorilla Vs. Bear)

All though this wasn’t covered at all by anyone, both Ian O’Neil and Andrew Cedermark left Titus Andronicus. While I don’t know why this happened or how this will affect the band, I do know has lead to one good thing. Andrew Cedermark decision to concentrate on his solo work. While any one expecting a Titus clone will be disappointed, those expecting great shoegaze influenced rockish pop tunes won’t be. Appearing on a few compilations for Underwater Peoples and self releasing a two cassette EPs, he will be getting a proper release shortly...kind of. It will be split 7" on Underwater Peoples with Family Portrit which will have two tracks, has just been mastered, and is due out in a months time.

Finally, Love of Diagrams has a brand new single out right now. Who is Love of Diagrams you may ask? The most underrated band on Matador records! Though, if your on Matador, I think that’s an oxymoron. Still their dark, distorted, call and response music is hardly covered and that’s a shame. The single is out on Popfrenzy, is a split with another Australian band called Songs and can be bought on their myspace. Also for anyone who cares (apparently only me and the guy who runs The Unblinking Ear), their third album called Nowhere Forever is due out August 20th in Australia and they hope to bring it the rest of the world soon.

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