Tuesday, August 4, 2009

News: The Decemberists Have New Tunes, Micachu is Remixing, and Los Campesinos! collecting

People had problems with the last Decemberists album. And while I can’t understand this, those people can sleep easy because Decemberists still obey their folk-rock roots. Recently they deputed two brand new tunes at the Newport Folk Festive and yes, they sound like classic Decemberists songs. Thanks to You Ain’t No Picasso for getting them/uploading them.

(mp3) The Decemberists-Rox in the Box (via You Ain’t No Picasso)
(mp3) The Decemberists-Down by the Water (via You Ain’t No Picasso)

While less know and reported, Micachu is actually a great DJ. For proof, look at her recent remix of Fool's Gold's "Surprise Hotel". And yes it sounds just as odd and glichy as you think a Micachu remix to sound. In other Micachu remix news, Micachu has posted here second Mixtape. However, she join forces with friend Kwes to make the tape and the result is something very metallic and un-Micachu. You have been warned

(mp3) Fools Gold- Surprise Hotel (Micachu and the Shapes remix) (via Stereogum)

Kwesachu Mixtape Link

Finally I would like to post the second video for the Los Campesinos! singles record box project and yes I do plan to post every video. No info on how to get the box is in this video, but just the band adding a expensive single from seeing the No Deachunter show. Orginal blog post by them here.

Update: The band has posted another video for part of the project. No info yet, just more singles to the box. See original post here.

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  1. I caught the 'secret show' by Los Campesinos! last night, and it was totally amazing. It wasn't even sold out, and the room only held 74 people. I'll be posting some live videos from it in the next couple days too. I love that band.