Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Music Tapes Video (For the Planet Pluto)! + Olivia Tremor Control demos

When I interviewed Julian Koster back in Febuary, he told me how loved he making music videos and we should expect more from him. As wonderful as that sounded at the time, due to the rate at which anything from the Music Tapes came out, I wasn't holding my breath. However, today, not only did the Music Tapes come out with a new video, but a new song as well! As you can tell by the title it is a loving tribute to the Pluto in the way only the Music Tapes can make. It also feature a guest apperance by 7 Foot Tall Metronome plus cameos by the Clapping Hands Machine and Kevin Barns. And to top it off he had a group of elementry students be in the video and sing on the song! Expect a mp3 of the song to come soon.


Also in other E6 news, a poster on the Elephant 6 Message board bought from eBay a rare Olivia Tremor Conrtol cassette. On the one sided cassette were 6 demo tracks that I doubt more than a handful of people have ever heard. And he ripped it and post a link for it! Thank you doctorSchwindel.

The tracklist:
2."The One"
4."Making Time"
5. "Black Foliage

You can download them here.

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