Thursday, June 25, 2009

News: Nobunny Signs to New Label (Again), Plans New Relase and Huge Tour

Fuzzy, scuzzy, punk rock, poppy, and general nut (in a good way) Nobunny is very busy. As reported by Exclaim, Nobunny has signed to Memphis label Goner to release a new album tentatively titled Ono. Nobunny also announced plans to re-release the extremaly limited b-sides and outtakes cassette Raw Romance again. It is, however, unknown whether or not this will also be through Goner Records as well. The biggest news coming from Nobunny though, is the planned two month tour through the almost all of the United States and Canada. Someof the tour is still in the planing stage with clubs to be played at still TBA. However, if you ever wanted to see a drunken, almost naked puppet preform don't miss your chance now.

UPDATE: A confirmation from Goner records is that Nobunny is now signed to them and will be releasing his next album through them. However they have no idea on what the name of the album is or when it will be released. They also have no plans to reissue the Raw Romance cassette (this does not mean it wil not be reissued however).

Nobunny-I Am A Girlfrined (via of The Great Pumpkin)

Nobunny Tour Dates
7/4 San Francisco, CA – The Knockout
7/15 Los Angeles, CA – 5 Star Bar
7/17 San Diego, CA – Johnny Rad Fest
7/18 Los Angeles, CA – 5 Star Bar
7/23 Portland, OR – Work/Sound Gallery
7/24 Olympia, WA – TBA
7/26 Seattle, WA - Funhouse
7/27 Victoria, BC - Logans Pub
7/28 Vancouver, BC - Pats Pub
7/29 Kamloops, BC - TBA
7/30 Edmonton, Alberta - New City Lounge
7/31 Calgary, Alberta - Broken City
8/1 Regina, Saskatchenwan – TBA
8/2 Winnipeg, Manitoba - TBA
8/4 Thunder Bay, Ontario - TBA
8/6 Sudbury, Ontario – TBA
8/7 Toronto, Ontario - Silver Dollar
8/8 Ottawa, Ontario - Polish Palace
8/9 Montreal - TBA
8/10 Hamilton, ON - TBA
8/11 Detroit, MI – Painted Lady
8/13 Lafayette, IN - Zooleggers
8/14 Milwaukee, WI – The Valte
8/15 Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
8/17 Green Bay, WI - TBA
8/18 Minneapolis, MI – TBA
8/19 Omaha, NB - TBA
8/20 Lawrence, KA – TBA
8/21 Denver, CO - TBA
8/22 Provo, UT - The Compound
8/23 Reno, NV - TBA
9/2 San Francisco, CA – The Parkside
9/4 Brentwood, CA – house show
9/17 Las Vegas, NV – TBA
9/18 Flagstaff, AZ - TBA
9/19 Phoenix, AZ - Trunkspace
9/20 Tucson, AZ – TBA
9/21 New Mexico – TBA
9/22 Austin, TX – Beerland
9/23 Denton, TX – TBA
9/24 Memphis, TN – Gonerfestr Dates
10/11 Valencia , Valencia-Funtastic Dracula Carnival


  1. Doing one album with someone is not "signing" to their label.

  2. Oh, sorry that it isn't clear enough. I checked with Goner and he is offically signed to them.