Friday, June 19, 2009

Lost Gems: Music Tapes-1st Imaginary Symphony for Nomad

In the musical world, so much is released only to disappear without a trace. Creative, experimental, boundary pushing, great music is lost without a notice or second glance. In order to fix this I shall go, one by one, to bring to light all that I can... if I find them.

One of the first things that grabs you about The 1st Imaginary Symphony for Nomad is not the album, but what comes with it. A pop-up of a smiling cloud and a comic telling the story of the imaginary symphony. A story of inventors, youth, and alien televisions. Then you enter mind of Julian Koster through the CD. A world of eternal youth, were Superman is worshiped and the singing saw is honored as the greatest of instruments. Youth and imagination are the keys to the songs of the album. These are stories that Julian Koster has been forming since his birth and spent 4 years making on everything from wax cylinders to four-tracks. All the records were even sent all the way to Abby Road Studios in England just be mastered on that specific sound deck. And the sounds of the album are just as interesting and incredible as the lyrics behind them. Guitars and drums are almost gone from the album, in their place are piano and singing saws. Everything from a ball to a singing television are used to bring this album to life. While at some points the album may appear dark or scary, a twisted man in his own world of marching fists and lost sailors, the truth is this is an album of childhood and celebrating all its joy and whimsy.


  1. You said: "and the singing saw is honored as the greatest of instruments".
    I wish you could be in NYC next month - you would have probably enjoyed the annual NYC Musical Saw Festival, where about 40 singing saw players perform. You can see info and a video from previous festivals at

  2. I heard about that! It does sound increadible. You should send me some photos or video you take of the festival.