Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bands to Care About: iji

The best way to look at iji (pronounced ee-hee) is a combination of Guided by Voices and Wavves. I know that with all the backlash hitting Wavves right now that might not be the best way to introduce a band, but trust me when I say that iji is the best of both worlds. Iji is the mutant baby and greatest creation of Zach Burba (formally of now gone Seashell) a man who since starting the band in 2007 has made 5 releases and has remained hidden by releasing 2 on cassette label Lost Sound Tapes and the newest one on his own. However, do what you can to track these down because it is some of the best Tobin Sprout/Guided By Voices songs out their. While these were made entirely on four tracks and recorded all on his own, none of the standard lo-fi hiss and fuzz leaks through, actually good in this case because while most bands use it to cover up unfully formed songs, iji’s songs shine right through in all their power popinfluenced indie rock glory.

iji-Long Branches and Roots

Also iji will be doing their largest tour ever starting on July 4th. It will start in Settale and all dates will be with label mates Watercolor Paintings. Also half the dates will be with friends Math the Band and the other half with Fishboy.

July 4th Seattle, WA @ DANCLEVANIA
July 6th Vancouver, BC @ THE SHED
July 7th Whidbey Island, WA @ ELI + ASHLEY'S HOUSE
July 8th Spokane, WA @ The EMPEREAN
July 9th Missoula, MT @ THE ZACC GALERY
July 14th Des Moines, IA @ VAUDVILLE MEWS
July 16th Milwaukee, WI @ THE CHICKEN HOLE
July 18th Chicago, IL @ THE FUNHOUSE
July 20th Bloomington, IN @ RACHEL'S CAFE
July 21st Grand Rappids, MI @ THE DAAC
July 22nd Ferndale, MI @ LEROY ST. RECORDS
July 23rd Toledo, OH @ THE BLACK CHERRY
July 24th Cleveland, OH @ BELLA DUBY
July 27th Burlington, VT @ 242 MAIN
July 28th Providence, RI @ THE SWEAT SHOP
July 31st Brooklyn, NY @ DEATH BY AUDIO
Aug 2nd Baltimore MY @ CHARM CITY ART SPACE
Aug 3rd Richmond Va @ THE TINDERBOX
Aug 4th Greensboro, NC @ MAYA GALLARY
Aug 7th Gainesville, FL @ WAYWARD COUNCIL
Aug 10th Knoxville, TN @ THE BISCUIT HOUSE
Aug 16th Austin, TX @ HOLE IN THE WALL
Aug 17th Houstin, TX @ SUPER HAPPY FUN LAND
Aug 20th Tucson, AZ @ DRY RIVER
Aug 21st Phoenix, AZ @ THE TRUNKSPACE
Aug 24th Santa Barbera, CA @ BIKO GARAGE
Aug 30th Seattle, WA @ CAROUSEL FEST

(Other planned shows in Athens, Washington DC, Tronto, and more have yet to be booked and thoes dates will be posted in a latter post)

iji myspace
iji store set up by their current label Lost Sound Tapes

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