Friday, February 20, 2009

Brian Dewan/Nana Grizol Live

When you see a live show, you expect there to be some level of chaos or weirdness. When you go see a show with Elephant 6 bands, you KNOW there is going to be chaos or weirdness, but that’s what you want because it makes the show more enjoyable. I was able to see the Brian Dewan, Nana Grizol, and The Music Tapes. While I was unable to see the final band because of time issues and my ride back home, the opening acts are not something that go unnoted and in fact should spread through the blog and music site kingdoms.
Truth by told, I had no idea what to expect from Brian Dewan. He spent the entire time before the show walking around in a suit and tie and the instrument he was going to use looked like a mini harp. There was also the problem of him being most well know for doing the art of "In the Areoplane Over the Sea" rather than any of his music. Once he took stage, however all doubts were erased. Playing perfectly on his autoharp, Brian gave one of the best and funniest shows I’ve seen. There is nothing quite like hearing a 1920's poem about how the devil made Texas or hearing all the nonsensicals in a Captain Beefheart cover. The best moment is hard to pinpoint, though I think it was either the Dead Kennedys cover of "Religious Vomit" or the poem about the evils of tobacco written in the 1600's. The real treat, however, came when Brian actually stopped playing. Brian is also works in the visual arts and, using a mini projector he brought with him, showed us a film strip he created titled "Civic Pride". Made in a flux-educational style, the film strip was as funny as it was morbid, which was very much.
Next was Nana Grizol. A small band only in popularity, not in size, they released their debut "Love It, Love It" on Orange Twin last year and it was one of the most criminally ignored of 2008. With such as great and simply sound on record, I was worried they wouldn’t be able to recreate it live. That worry died quickly. Although it was easy to see that they were exhausted from driving form Athens, that did not stop them from putting on a great show. Playing a large amount of unreleased materia, but balancing it with some nice cuts from "Love It", it was a hectic show. Multi instrument swaps between all 8 people on stage, not to mention Laura running frantically between drumming, clarinet playing, and blowing a trumpet on the stairs of the club. Still it was probably worth it for them when they saw the punk club dancing with pure joy to "Voices Echo Down Thee Hall".

Nana Grizol Set List
Galaxies(New Song)
Circles ‘Round The Moon
Ginsburg(Unreleased Song)
Motion In the Ocean
Fearsome Face(New Song)
Voices Echo Down Thee Hall
Black Box(Unreleased Song)
Cynicism(Unreleased Song)
Everything You Ever Hoped Or Worked For
The Idea That Everything Could Possibly Be Said

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