Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update on Music Tapes Interview (Lots of Good News with a little bad)

Hello everybody. As I informed everyone on a post a little while back I interviewed Julian Koster of the Music Tapes. It was a great interview and I had planed on posting it on this website and my blog. However once I finished transcribing it to a document, I felt like it deserved to be seen on more than my dinky blog. So I submitted it to be published in Skyscraper Magazine. However they only come out with a magazine every three months, so they said they will start considering it (along with all the other pieces submitted to them) around SXSW (March 17th ). However this unfair for you, and I don’t believe in breaking promises, plus I don’t want the information to go stall. So I am going information from the interview, without (hopefully) ruining the whole interview.

First off, some of the bigger news. The long awaited never realized Music Tapes album 2nd Imaginary Symphony for Couldmaking WILL BE RELEASED THIS YEAR. I don’t know when but it will be put out by Merge. He also shared desire to preform the album in it’s entirety at some shows(the album is a long story narrated by Brian Dewan). He also said that he plans to record a new Music Tapes album when the tour ends. He wishes to record it fast, because of the equipment he has and feel he wants the album to have.

He also talked about the Elephant 6(well ok I asked him some questions). He said that the tour was great, everyone on the tour loved doing, and while there is no plans right now, there is a great desire to do another tour and bring it west. He also said the expect a great number of things to come from the Elephant 6 collective in the coming years.
I hope this tides you over for now. Sorry for not being able to post the interview and I publish it the moment I know I can. Feel free to ask questions over stuff that is confusing, but know I might not be able to answer it all as to not spoil the interview.

Here is the magazine: http://www.skyscrapermagazine.com/

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