Thursday, May 1, 2014

Video: Lust for Youth-Illume

It's fitting that the members of Lust for Youth wear white tuxedos through out the video for "Illume"; not only does it serve as a stark contrast to the grimy backgrounds the duo walk past during the clip, but it is also a pretty apt metaphor for how dazzling their music has become. Their first single off of International, the equally excellent, and catchy, "Epoetin Alfa", alluded to how much of a dramatic shift Lust for Youth have made with this album. However, "Illume" is practically a pure beacon of brightness; sharp, almost chirping synths pared with a warm, summertime pulse for a beat. Hannes Norrvide vocals, previously communicating a sense of loss or confusion on his songs, here feel passionate and assured to the world around him. The presence of revolving member Loke Rahbek & newest member Malthe Fisher truly add a confidence and fleshed out qualit to Lust for Youth, letting Norrvide embrace a sound he had kept at arm's length until now. "Illume" sounds tropical and luminescent, words I never thought would be used to describe Lust for Youth in a thousand years. More than that though (and more importantly), through this radical change in their sound, Lust for Youth may have crafted their best song to date.


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