Friday, September 27, 2013

Born Gold-Braille

I finally got to see Born Gold perform live, an experience you truly need to see to believe. After the show, frontman Cecil Frena he told that the new album was sort of a combination of his last two records. The volatile, electro-intensity of Bodysongs, mixed with the airy atmosphere of Little Sleepwalker. And nowhere does that come out clearer than on the newest single "Braille". Murky, but twitchy snyths build quickly, tension palatable but contained. But the tension keeps mounting, especially as the anger and hurt leak out during the chorus. There's a lot of pain bubbling right under the surface of "Braille", which bursts with the robotic screech that punctuates the song's final section. "Braille" feels like it would be played in a futuristic night club, when the drugs are just turning bad but the neon is glowing brighter than it has all night. It has a dark energy that never stops pulsing through it, but also gives it a certain skewed life as well.


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