Monday, September 9, 2013

Album: Tiger in My Tank-Cigarette Royalty

This is heaven. True heaven. Appearing out of seeming nowhere, Tiger in My Tank has come and delivered Cigarette Royalty, 15 tracks of lo-fi indie rock perfection. And when I say perfection, I do mean it. The whole album is a compression of ‘90s indie rock glory, bedroom shoegaze, dream-pop haze, broken drum machine beats, and Guided by Voices worthy tone hopping that melds to some of the most wonderfully warm and infectious lo-fi pop nuggets I’ve heard in a long time. It sounds like the Big Troubles’ Worry mushed into a more compact form (especially on the likes of “Inverted People”), which should be no surprised considering band master mind Sebastian Castillo used to play in Fluffy Lumbers and No Demons Here before. I had thought that that lovely, homespun type of DIY pop those bands had made in the late ‘00s/early ‘10s had been lost forever once those bands had packed up. But here is Tiger in My Tank, picking up the torch right where those guys left off. The “lalalas” on the swirling noise-pop of “Heat King”. The buried yet intimate yearn contained within the murk pop of “Cement Candy”. And the one, two final punch that is quiet strumming of the title track, followed by the slowly mounting, warped indie rock mini-sprawl of “Teenage Guitar Prayer”. Every track on Cigarette Royalty hums and emanates with all the massive amounts of lo-fi charm that Castillo has somehow managed to squeeze into one little album. Has it been done before? Maybe. But not this wonderfully in a long time.


Download Cigarette Royalty from Tiger in My Tank's bandcamp

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