Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Merchandise-Anxiety's Door

Merchandise have been crafting some of the best goth songs of the past few years, creating long, sprawling tune of depression and static, perfecting implementing the hardcore and noise rock backgrounds of their members through the filter of moody, modern darkwave. I became aware of all this through their debut (Strange Songs) In the Dark, and everyone else became aware of their glory through Children of Desire. "Anxiety's Door", of their upcoming Totale Night EP, is a near seven minute spiral of a song, that balances the monotonic intensity that Wesley Eisold brings in Cold Cave, while at the same time sounding like a perfect, long forgotten Disintegration era Cure song. "Anxiety's Door" builds perfectly, entering at a low volume, almost like an eerie radio broadcast with the pounding drum machine and background vocals, before kicking into focus with an utterly cheesy guitar riff yanked straight from the '80s, but placed here it becomes heavenly and darkly beautiful. The song progress more, its intensity building without you realizing the song is completely saturated in dark, distorted guitar and desperate, longing vocals at its final third. Then the song fades to just the lyrics and acoustic guitar you didn't notice playing in the background, before turning off and leaving you there stunned.


Merchandise's Website
Get the Totale Night EP soon here, from Night People

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