Monday, January 7, 2013


After getting a chance to see Iceage live at Chaos in Tejas last year, and in turn get to hear about six brand new tracks, I was beyond excited for how their new album was shaping up. When the announcement came that it was coming out on Matador and would be dubbed You're Nothing, my blood sped up even faster. Now that the first taste has come in the form of "Coalition" I am grateful I have not suffered a heart attack from pure joy.

"Coalition" is the perfect next step for Iceage. The track is mildly, mildly brighter than anything present on New Brigade, with the guitars particularly losing most of their brittle, metallic edge that defined them. However, they are no less a driving force, tunneling and barreling through out the song, especially placed next to the utterly excellent drum work contained within the track. However, any missing intensity is made up by front man Elias Bender Rønnenfelt's vocals. While no slouch in vocal delivery previously, on "Coalition" he just comes to life, equal parts snotty, jagged, and angry. His howl of "EXCESS" that makes up the band's minimalist chorus is spine tingling. "Coalition" is two minutes of pure post-punk fury, uncoiled and unleashed.


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Pre-order You're Nothing here, from Matador Records

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