Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Los Campesinos!-By Your Hand

YES! After much too long (i.e. any point of time longer than a week), Los Campesinos! are back with a new album. The perfectly titled Hello Sadness will enter the world on November 14 , and I am beyond excited. To tide me and my fellow Campesinos! fanatics, we are given "By Your Hands". The opening cut, it's probably the most mature the band has ever sounded, with a more subdued sound compared to the usual manic tendencies that manifest in either the vocals or guitar work of the band. No utter moment of catharses, no moment of pure anguish forming the chorus. Instead what is delivered is purest pop in their indie pop discography, despite dealing with the darker elements of an impending, doomed relationship. Anyone who thinks this is just another "typical" Los Campesinos! tune truly is not listening correctly. Dig deeper, to discover the creativity lying beneath.

(mp3) Los Campesinos!-By Your Hand  


Los Campesinos!'s Website
Pre-order Hello Sadness here, from the band themselves

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