Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guilty Ghosts-Everlasting Evening (Featuring Sea Oleena)

It's been a little while, but Guilty Ghost has finally let free another song into the world from his soon to be released debut album VEILS. "Everlasting Evening" opens and builds with a steam boat like guitar riff, before dropping only to reemerge with a thick drum beat to accompany it. The song is already incredible like that, a wonderful concoction of noisy ambiance, guitar drone, and a little trip-hop; then Sea Oleena's vocals kick in. My god, those vocals are just the icing on the cake, working perfectly with the track, just the perfect mix of airiness and wisp to propel the track further than one thought it could. It's seven minutes of music that just washes over you in what feels like seconds. Just heavenly.     


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