Monday, January 18, 2010

Single Review: Jeans Wilder/Best Coast Split

I was so excited to hear about this split. Not only was it another excuse to hear/blab about Best Coast, but spilts almost always lead to great band discoveries, usually sounding similar to the artist you bought the single for in the first place. And Jeans Wilder do not disapponit. They are what Grizzly Bear would sound like if they decided to listen to Joy Division and moved to California. Dark and forbidding, all based around a repetitive piano riff, drum beat, and thumping base line, with the perfectly timed distorted drum machine thrown in at the right moments. It’s the layered harmonies that get really define the song though, starting perfectly insync before the female singer’s voice becomes more and more distorted and high pitched while the male's stays steady, all the while both wailing out the line “Such a motherfucking tough guy” over and over again. Just great.

Will I ever shut up about Best Coast? Probably not. Pop Tarts Suck Toasted have The Antlers, I have Best Coast. That’s why I was so excited to learn she was releasing yet another song/single to the world. Admittedly, this song has been floating around since last year in a demo form, but now it has been perfected, and with what I believe is another added verse. It has a great Where the Boys Are cassette feel to it i.e. little percussion and just Bethany singing and strumming her uber-distorted guitar to lo-fi surf pop perfection, which is something I’ve missed slightly from her newer releases. This is just a great single, and with the rate the pre-orders went by, I don’t expect this to last. Wait at your own risk.


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