Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Resolutions For The Creative Intersection

I know many, many people make these every year without pulling of any of them, but I am dead serious with these. Not only on my sake, but to make this blog more readable/enjoy able for you folks as well. So make sure I keep up with these. Pestering me and constant emails are recommend for this. So without further ado, what I can do make this blog better:

  • Include more of my voice in the posts (thus the parenthesis).

  • Work on my spelling, grammar, and missing words. (Thankfully no one has complained about this yet, but it does make the blog less professional).

  • Review a lot more music (so many records reported on, so many not covered).

  • Make more a lot more news posts (who knows what I could have turned readers on to if I had reported on it).

  • Make the blog look nicer (at least put in a bloody logo picture in the top).

  • Go to/cover more shows in Austin (always a plus on my side).

  • Start setting up shows in Austin (anyone with tips on this, PLEASE email me).

  • Do more of my "regular" posts (only 2 "Lost Gems" and 8 "Bands To Care About" this year? Pathetic).

  • Start posting posts on time for once (like this one, which should have gone up two days ago)

  • Discover/listen as much music as possible to make 2010 the best year for music yet (but can it bet up any year from the 00's?)

Still, despite all this evident self-deprecation and work it is to keep this blog working, I have heard so much great music, made great friends, and gotten on stage more times this year then in the last 10. Plus I have 13 people reading this blog, which is about 13 more than I ever expected to have. Can't wait to see what I can pull off in 2010!

P.S. Feel free to submit your own recommendations to improve the blog. Their probably a lot better than mine.

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